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IHarbour Lectures(6):Judicial Reform and Future Court in AI Era

日期: 2019-04-07 点击:

Speaker: Heli Peng


With the advent of science and technology and Application of Internet, the era of artificial intelligence has come in comprehensive way. Chinese courts actively integrate into such trend, vigorously promoting the extensive use of artificial intelligence in judicial activities, and the in-depth development of smart courts. The construction of smart courts is one of the greatest achievements in the new round of judicial system reform. Just through efforts within a few years, the online system of file, trial and execution systems have been established, which greatly enhances judicial transparency and efficiency. It can be said that China is a leading country in the technological innovation and smart court system construction. Especially since 2017, Internet courts have been established successively in Hangzhou, Beijing and Guangzhou. They adopt the whole process online trial mode including case acceptance, service, mediation, evidence exchange, pre-trial preparation, trial and adjudication, called E-litigation, which is the milestone for Chinese smart courts and is at the forefront of the world.

In this lecture, the speaker will introduce the history, theoretical basis and reform trend in the integration of AI and judicial reform. Your active participation is welcome. We will discuss specific application of AI in the judicial activity in different countries. And we will discuss how to solve the dilemma encountered by many countries and what is roadmap for smart court construction in the future. Without doubt, the future courts will be smart courts. Let's join hands to embrace e-justice in new era of artificial intelligence!