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Lecture1 The Source of China’s Confidence: How to Understand Socialism with Chinese Characteristics


日期: 2021-03-22 点击:

Speaker Bio

XU Bin The director of the Marxist Institutional Theory Research Center of Beijing Normal University, PhD supervisor and professor of the School of Marxism, expert in Core Values Forum organized by the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China, National Social Science Fund evaluation expert, the main member of the Project to Study and Develop Marxist Theory. He has presided 9 National Social Science Fund projects and Provincial and ministerial level major projects, and published 10 books such as How to Understand Socialism with Chinese Characteristics and more than 80 articles in academic journals such as Philosophical Research and Studies on Marxism. He has won the Second Prize of the National Higher Education Teaching Achievement, the Second Prize of the 15th and 16th Beijing Outstanding Achievements in Philosophy and Social Sciences, and the Excellent Doctoral Thesis Instructor Award of Beijing Normal University.



Self-confidence is the driving force behind progress. Where does China's self-confidence come from in the approach to the all-round construction of socialist modernization? It comes from China's great achievements of standing up, growing rich and getting strong, and from the path, the theory, the system, the culture and the approach of socialism with Chinese characteristics. The former makes us proud of our history, and the latter makes us look forward to the future.