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IHarbour Lectures Sociology Series (3): Chinese Immigrant Entrepreneurial Success in Panama

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On June 25, 2019, Josephine Smart, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at the University of Calgary, gave a lecture titled Informal Finances and Chinese Immigrant Entrepreneurial Success in Panama. Professor Smart explained the origin and current situation of Chinese businessmen in Panama and the reasons behind their success.

Professor Smart first introduced the history and current life of Chinese immigrant groups in Panama. She focused on the factors involved in the process of Chinese immigrants' entrepreneurship in Panama, such as the competitive environment, business models and most importantly, the strategic use of kinship and regional networks. Professor Smart further elaborated on the trust-based rotation credit scheme created by Panamanian Chinese immigrants in their entrepreneurship in Central America and the successful and stable businesses based on it. In the end, she systematically described how kinship and regional networks continue to influence the success and stability of Chinese immigrants' entrepreneurship in Panama with a specific example of anthropological interviews.