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IHarbour Lectures(2): Constitution is a Way of Life

Date: 2019-05-08 15:37 Click:

On April 30, 2019, the second lecture of “10 IHabourLectures on Law” was given by Dr.Bian Suat XJTUwith the titleConstitution is a Way of Life:Constitutionalism with Chinese Characteristics.

Dr. Bian Su started began by raising a question: What is a constitution? Then she gave a systemic introduction on the history of constitutions as well as their functions from four aspects, i.e., constitutions in ancient times, constitutions in the modern world, constitutions in Chinese history and constitutions with Chinese characteristics.

In recent years, people’s awareness of constitutions has increased in almost every country in tandem with the development of a global legal system. A constitution, as the fundamental law of a nation, inevitably reflects people’s expectations of their political life and should be respected by all. In the process of legal construction in China under the leadership of CPC, the Constitution has always served as the fundamental law of the state and has supreme legal authority.

This lecture attracted a great number of teachers and students, including international students from the School of International Education.

The IHarbour Lecture project is a series of lectures held by XJTU, aiming to establish a platform for international academic exchange for teachers and students. All lectures are given in English, containing knowledge and discussion on academic frontiers and hot issues. The “10 Lectures on Law” is the starting series of this project.