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Sonja Opper

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Sonja Opper

Sonja Opper是隆德大学经济与管理学院国际经济学系Gad Rausing讲座教授。她的主要研究领域是制度变迁、网络与制度的互动,以及战略决策的社会文化起源。她的实证研究关注中国改革开放以后的经济发展。她最新的著作《自下而上的资本主义:中国的市场与制度变迁》(哈佛大学出版社2012年出版),提出了一种自下而上的制度变迁理论,解释中国的个体行动者是如何依靠社会规范和个人关系网络突破国家法律和制度的约束,发展出资本主义制度的。该书荣获2013年美国管理学会“George R. Terry2013Axiom“国际商业与全球化最佳著作奖,并被授予2012杰出学术著作奖Opper教授发表的论文涵盖社会科学各个学科领域,包括经济学、管理学、社会学、法学与政治学等。其主持的研究项目获得欧洲多家学术基金会的资助。

Professor Opper’s work focuses on explanations of institutional change, the interplay between networks and institutions, and social heuristics of strategic decisions. In her empirical work she focuses on China’s post-reform economy. Professor Opper’s last book Capitalism from Below: Markets and Institutional Change in China (2012, Harvard University Press) develops a theory of bottom-up institutional change explaining how individual actors in China were able to de-couple from state laws and regulations and build capitalist institutions while relying on social norms and informal entrepreneurial networks. The book received the 2013 Academy of Management George R. Terry award for the book that has most advanced management knowledge in the last two years, the 2013 Axiom Business book award for the best book in international business and globalization, and was named a Choice Outstanding Academic Title in 2012. Professor Opper’s research articles have been published across the social science disciplines including Economics, Management, Sociology, Law and Political Science. Research projects under her leadership received funding from Vetenskapsrådet, Crafoordska Stiftelsen, Jan Wallander och Tom Hedelius Stiftelsen, the Marianne and Markus Wallenberg Foundation and Riksbanken Jubileumsfonds.