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Speaker Bio

Xiao-Jun DuProf Du is Senior Research Fellow and Laboratory Head of Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute. He has been conducting heart disease research focusing on pathogenesis and therapeutic testing. His works have led to 6 book chapters and 232 journal publications (51 papers since 2015) with a H-index of 50.

杜晓军,任职于澳大利亚Baker 心脏病和糖尿病研究院,担任实验心脏病研究室主任兼小鼠心脏病研究平台主任,澳大利亚卫生部高级研究员。从事心脏疾病发生机制及防治的实验研究。发表学术论文232篇(国际杂志发表197篇),2015年至今发表论文51篇,H-index 50。应邀撰写6个专业书籍章节。被96种国际专业杂志聘为论文评阅人。