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LIU Wenke

The associate professor and master supervisor of Institute of National Politics, Yunnan University, researcher of Yunnan University Base of Research on Creating a Strong Sense of Community for the Chinese Nation. He has published 2 books such as Political Rhetoric in Exercising of Power: the “War on Terrorism” by the United States (2001-2008) and more than 20 articles in academic journals such as CASS Journal of Political Science. His major research fields include the Theories and Methods of Political Science, Mass Media and Political Communication, and Taiwan Issues.





How to Understand the Maneuver of Discourse by Great Powers

— Analysis of Political Discourse with View of Marxism

Brief Introduction

The manoeuver of discourse in the field of international politics is an important way for great powers to realize their political interests and maintain their international status. In contemporary politics of the world, it is characterized with low cost and dramatic effect for the great powers to manoeuver the political discourse. Such action may have the functions to construct the political realities of the world, steer the international public opinion, build up good images of great powers and maintain their hegemony. The manoeuver of political discourse by the great powers makes the change and development of the world order being subject to their discourse hegemony with their political, economic and military forces, in which the progressive efforts of the developing countries are always restricted, delayed and even blocked.