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第九讲 语言与中国形象

Language and the Image of China

日期: 2019-11-04 点击:


This lecture discusses how to investigate the image of Chinese based on the analysis of various kinds of discourse, such as news texts, literary texts, business texts, political texts including diplomatic texts. The research areas, approaches and implications of the study of the image of China will be discussed in detail, and a number of case studies will be provided to help students analyze the image of China in language, including the images of the Chinese government, Chinese diplomacy and Huawei Corporations.



Prof. HU Kaibao Shanghai Jiaotong University

胡开宝教授,博士生导师,中国语料库翻译学的领军学者。现任上海外国语大学语料库研究院院长,上海交通大学中国形象研究中心主任,兼任第三届全国翻译专业学位研究生教育指导委员会委员、中国翻译协会翻译理论与翻译教学委员会副主任委员、全国语料库与跨文化研究论坛理事长,全国外语学科发展合作论坛理事长,中国认知神经语言学研究会副会长。担任Routledge“应用语言学研究前沿”(Frontiers in Applied Linguistic)系列丛书、Springer“语料库与跨文化研究”系列丛书(Corpora and Intercultural Studies)主编和上海交通大学出版社“语料库翻译学文库”主编。胡开宝教授长期从事语料库翻译学与国家形象建构的研究,发表学术论文90余篇,以及多部在国内外产生重要影响的学术著作。

HU Kaibao is a professor of Translation studies and dean of the Institute of Corpus Studies and Translation Studies, Shanghai International Studies University. He holds a doctorate in English Language and Literature from Nanjing University, China, and has taught a variety of subjects including English-Chinese Translation, Translation Theory and Practice and Translation Criticism. His main research interests are translation studies, corpus-based translation studies and discourse analysis. He has been involved in the compilation of the English-Chinese Parallel Corpora of Shakespeare’s Plays, the Chinese-English Conference Interpreting Corpus and the Chinese-English Parallel Corpus of Political Texts in the past five years. He is author of the Historical Text of English-Chinese Dictionaries and the Evolution of the Chinese Language (Shanghai Yiwen Press 2005), Introducing Corpus-based Translation Studies (Springer, 2015), A Corpus-based Study of the Chinese Translations of Shakespeare’s Plays (Shanghai Jiao Tong Press, 2015), A Corpus-based Study of Chinese-English Conference Interpreting (Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, 2015), Corpus-based Translation Studies (Shanghai Jiao Tong Press, 2017) and Introducing Corpus-based Critical Translation Studies (Higher Education Press, 2018). He has published more than 90 research articles with Meta, Perspectives, Foreign Language Teaching and Research, Foreign Language Journal and The Chinese Translators’ Journal, etc.