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Lecture 22 On the Theoretical Charm and Contemporary Value of Das Kapital


日期: 2020-05-09 点击:


Das Kapital is the main work of Karl Marx, marking the formal birth of Marx’s second great discovery, i.e., the theory of surplus value. This lecture will focus on the writing process, main content, key ideas of Das Kapital, and its strong explanatory power in the current world. Meanwhile, with the coming of the 200th anniversary of Engels’s birth, this lecture will introduce the tremendous support of Engels to Marx’s work on Das Kapital, especially the historical achievement that Engels has made in independently editing, publishing the second and third volumes of Das Kapital, which fully reflect the revolutionary friendship and common ideal of Marx and Engels.


Speaker Bio

Zhao Yulan, Associate Professor, Renmin University of China, Visiting Scholar of faculty of philosophy, Free University of BerlinYoung Scholar of Renmin University of China Distinguished Scholar Program. Her main research directions are Marxist Textology and Foreign Marxism. In recent years, she has presided over and participated in 6 national and provincial research projects, published over 40 academic papers in various authoritative and core journals, and published 3 books.