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第六讲 网络语言:创新与认知

Network Language: Innovation and Cognition

日期: 2019-10-29 点击:



In order to highlight their peculiarity and novelty, people involved in online communities create new, avant-garde or fashionable words, phrases or even sentences (e.g. “planting-grass” and “cherry-buyable”). It seems that these linguistic expressions are completely free from the constraints of grammatical rules or semantic norms. It is found that quite a few innovative expressions are derived from the joint work of different cognitive abilities and imaginative capabilities, such as metonymy, metaphor, association, virtuality, conceptual integration, and among others. In brief, underlying the creative online language is the mental construction of meaning.


庞加光教授 Prof. PANG Jiaguang


PANG Jiaguang, professor and supervisor for postgraduates at School of Foreign Studies at Xi'an Jiaotong University, earned his PhD degree in English Language and Literature from School of Foreign Studies, Nanjing University. His research focuses on cognitive linguistics and theoretical linguistics, with current interests in Chinese argument structure, function words, and word classetc. He is the author of “A Cognitive Grammar Account of Nominal Predication in Chinese” (2015, Xi’an Jiaotong University Press) and “A Cognitive Study of Chinese syntax”(2017, Science Press), and published near 20 articles in peer-reviewed journals. He is also in charge of 3 research projects funded by Ministry of Education and the provincial government, and serves as the anonymous reviewer of several peer-reviewed journals.