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Lecture 21 The past and present of the blockchain


日期: 2020-05-10 点击:


As the forefront of the new generation of information technology, blockchain has gone through three stages, programmable currency, programmable finance and programmable society since 2008, and will become the basic technical facilities of digital world in Web3.0 era. This talk will focus on the topic of blockchain, and introduce its’basic concepts, development process and typical applications, as well as its’ future development trend and opportunities.


Speaker Bio:

Xi Zhao, is a professor of school of management in Xi'an Jiaotong University, director of Shaanxi engineering research center of medical and health big data, director of big social data analysis & application research center of National Engineering Laboratory of big data analytics, secretary general of artificial intelligence technology and management application research association of Chinese society of management science and engineering, and was selected into the provincial special talent program and Zhongying young scholar program.Xi Zhao pursued his PhD in École Centrale Lyon, France in Computer Science from 2007 and worked as a research assistant professor in the University of Houston in America from 2010. Focused in the interdisciplinary fields of big data mining, pattern recognition, big data behavior and decision-making, he has published more than 70 SCI and EI articles in top international journals IEEE T.PAMI,IEEE T. Cybernetics and international famous journals of management DSS, TM.

  赵玺,西安交通大学管理学院教授,陕西省医疗健康大数据工程研究中心主任,大数据算法与分析技术国家工程实验室的社会大数据分析与应用研究中心主任,中国管理科学与工程学会人工智能技术与管理应用研究会秘书长,入选省级特支人才计划、仲英青年学者。赵玺于2007 年赴法国中央理工大学攻读计算机科学博士学位,2010年赴美休斯顿大学任研究助理教授。他在大数据挖掘、模式识别、大数据行为与决策跨学科领域发表国际顶级期刊IEEE T.PAMI,IEEE T. Cybernetics和管理领域国际著名期刊DSS,TM等SCI、EI文章70 余篇。