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Lecture 23 Valuable Wealth that Marx Left Us


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With only a few thousand years of written history, and just 2,000 years from the first century AD, Marx has been hailed as the greatest thinker of the last thousand years, This shows the importance of Marxism's place in human history. For 200 years, Marx's impact on human society has been unparalleled not only in theory but in practice. In the thousands of years of human civilization before Marx, there had never been a theory that could change the world. However, this historical wonder has emerged in response to Mar.


Speaker Bio

Su Yubo, professor, doctoral tutor, her main research directions are the theory and practice of Ideological and political education. In recent years, she has presided over five national and ministerial scientific research projects, published more than 20 papers in various authoritative and core journals, and edited 5 books.