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Lecture 1 Wind and Air in Cities


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China is still in the process of rapid urbanization. With the rapid increase of urban population, the urban scale is continuously expanding. However, the expansion of urban scale cannot meet the housing demand of the rapidly increasing urban population, which leads the urban buildings becoming taller and denser. The following urban atmospheric environment problems become more and more remarkable, which seriously affect the comfort of urban living environment and the physical and psychological health of urban residents. It is a significant research subject to deeply understand and solve urban atmospheric environment problems. This lecture discusses the changes of atmospheric fine particles in cities and the basic methods of wind environment research.


Speaker Bio

Zhaolin GU, PhD, Professor/Doctoral supervisor. He was awarded the Trans-Century Talent of the Ministry of Education in 2003 and the Special Allowance Winner of State Council in 2016. Now he is the standing member of Chinese Society of Particuology, Deputy Director of Shaanxi Provincial Environmental Science Society, Director of Shaanxi HVAC Industry Association, Regional Editor of Indoor and Built EnvironmentEditorial Board Member of Aerosol and Air Quality ResearchEditorial Board Member of Aerosol Science and Engineering. His main research areas are multiphase flow of environment fluids and numerical simulation, physics and numerical simulation of urban atmospheric environment, air environment and pollution control. He has undertaken 7 projects of Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and 12 projects of Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), has got 45 certificated patents, has published over 230 papers, including over 130 SCI papers, and has written/compiled 10 books, including Electrification of Particuates in Industrial and Natural Multiphase Flows, Springer, 2017.

顾兆林,博士,教授/博士生导师。教育部跨世纪人才,国务院政府特殊津贴获得者。中国颗粒学会学会常务理事、陕西省环境科学技术学会副理事长、陕西省暖通空调与制冷行业协会会长;Regional Editor of Indoor and Built Environment;Editorial Board Member of Aerosol and Air Quality Research;Editorial Board Member of Aerosol Science and Engineering。主要研究领域:环境流体多相流及数值模拟;城市大气环境物理学及数值模拟,大气环境与污染控制等。先后主持国家自然科学基金项目7项;完成科技支撑以及重大研发计划课题等15项。获授权发明专利45项。发表国内外期刊学术论文 230 余篇,其中 SCI 130余篇、EI 100余篇;出版专著、教材以及参编手册10本(部),其中英文著作1部。