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Lecture 1 The Energy Quest:current status and future of fusion energy


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Speaker Bio

Dieter Heinz Hermann Hoffmann, born in April 1950, is currently a professor at School of Physics of Xi'an Jiaotong University, and he has served as a spokesperson of the High Energy Density Science International Collaboration Committee and the founding member of the CERN-CAST Dark Matter Observation Project International Cooperation Committee of CERN. He is currently the Chief Editor Emeritus of "Laser and Particle Beams" (Cambridge University Press) and the international editor of "Matter and Radiation at Extremes". Mainly engaged in high-energy density plasma physics, the interaction of intense ion beams and laser radiation with matter; inertial confinement fusion physics and dark matter research. He has published more than 400 papers in internationally renowned academic journals, with an h-index of 45. Won the 2019 "Chinese Government Friendship Award" and "Sanqin Friendship Award".

Dieter Heinz Hermann Hoffmann,1950年4月出生,西安交通大学物理学院教授,曾担任高能量密度科学国际合作委员会发言人,CERN-CAST暗物质观测项目国际合作委员会的创始成员。现任Laser and Particle Beams(剑桥大学出版社)名誉主编、Matter and Radiation at Extremes国际主编。主要从事高能密度等离子体物理、强离子束与激光辐射与物质的相互作用、惯性约束聚变物理学和暗物质研究,在国际知名学术刊物发表论文400余篇,h指数为45。获2019年度“中国政府友谊奖”、陕西省“三秦友谊奖”。


During all history of mankind the quest for energy was a driving force of technology and higher standard of living. The use of fossil fuels has triggered an until then unseen progress in all respects of human activities. It also enabled the world population to rise to currently over 8 billion and 10 billion seem to be possible in within a generations time. However, there seems to be a limit, and this limit is set by the limited resources of fossil fuels and the tolerable damage to the environment to mine them. Recent developments in science and technology seem to promise a way out of this dilemma. The solution may be nuclear fusion. In this talk we will try to understand the basic physics of fusion processes and have a look into the prospects to have fusion energy available in the future.