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IHarbour Lectures Sociology Series (10): The Great Transformation, China since 1978

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On the afternoon of June 30, 2019, Lin Nan, a professor of Sociology at Duke University and the director of the Asian Pacific Institute, the Oscar L. Tang Family Professor Emeritus of Sociology, delivered a lecture titled The Great Transformation, China since 1978.

Professor Lin Nan pointed out that his approach is to place the rise of China in the context of the transformation of the world and to comparatively analyze China’s transformation. He also introduced social facts and important concepts related to world transformation.

China’s transformation brings opportunities as well as challenges. China has become the world’s second largest economy after adoption of the Reform and Opening Up policy, with market being an important factor in the new economic structure. From a social aspect, guanxi (social networking) and collective are two important features of Chinese society. However, social phenomena such as environmental pollution, social inequality, corruption and crime remain challenges in this special transformation period.

After the lecture, Professor Lin also discussed with attendees on issues such as the role of Reform and Opening Up policy in China during this transformation period, and the reason for why ancient China failed to take a lead role in world reform under feudal political and economic systems.