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“IHARBOUR LECTURES” - Human Settlements and Environment Series

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IHarhour Lectures, initiated by XJTU, exhibit substantial accomplishments to assist the development of XJTU to be a world-class university and build first-class disciplines. The Lectures also demonstrate XJTU's leadership in initiating the Universities Alliance of the New Silk Road and facilitate professional communications in international academic settings between XJTU’s faculty and experts worldwide.

XJTU’s School of Human Settlements and Civil Engineering has invited 10 experts from China, Italy, Canada, the USA, and Japan to lecture on “Human Settlements”. The first lecture will be on the afternoon of November 28, 2020, in IHabour Lectures Hall, Hanying Building. Professor Gu Zhaolin, Executive Associate Dean of School of Human Settlements and Civil Engineering, and Professor Cheng Yan will lecture. The lectures are open to the public.

Contents of Human Settlements and Environment Series:

The Human Settlements and Environment Series is organized to spread the concept of Human Settlements Science. It mainly focuses on human settlements, including the atmospheric sciences, architecture, environmental engineering, civil engineering, and related topics.

This Series aims to assist interdisciplinary development and promote innovation. Outstanding international experts are invited to give high-quality lectures that are technically inspiring and enjoyable. The basic concept of human settlements science is expected to be created for general audiences based on these carefully-prepared lectures.

Using this lecture series as a platform, the School of Human Settlements and Civil Engineering will make more efforts to support XJTU’s orientation of “taking root in western China, giving service to the country, and striving to be a world-class university”. This academic activity is expected to reinforce the idea of sustainable development and spread the concepts of human-urban harmonious development and ecological priority development.

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