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Jacopo Leveratto

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Speaker Bio

Jacopo Leveratto, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Interior Architecture at the School of Architecture Urban Planning and Construction Engineering of Politecnico di Milano and a Lecturer at the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies of the same university, where he works as Principal Investigator for the European Research en/counter/points. He has authored numerous publications in peer-reviewed international journals and edited volumes. He is also a Correspondent for Op.Cit., the Italian Review of Art Criticism, and the Associate Editor of the peer-reviewed journal iijournal_International Journal of Interior Architecture and Spatial Design.

Jacopo Leveratto,博士,米兰理工大学建筑及城市规划与建筑工程学院室内设计系讲师兼助理教授。欧洲en/counter/points研究所首席研究员;在各国际性学术期刊上发表有大量文章;意大利艺术评论杂志Op.Cit.通讯者;室内空间设计杂志iijournal副主编。