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IHarbour Lectures(5): Cybersecurity Issues and Law in China

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On May 8th, Dr. Wang Yue, associate professor of XJTU School of Law, delivered an academic report titledCybersecurity Issues and Law in China. In the context of China and based on the definition of cybersecurity, the report elaborated on the protection of personal information, the obligations of network operators and security issues related to critical information infrastructure.

Starting with the “online lifestyle” of the Chinese people in the Cyber Era, Dr. Wang gave an overview of the importance of cybersecurity to individual citizens. She explained the importance of cybersecurity to nations by citing the cyber-attack on the Ukrainian Power Grid, the global outbreak of WannaCry ransomware and the PRISM incident.

Dr. Wang Yue systematically expounded theCybersecurity Lawof China from five aspects: the current legislative status, the legislative process, the architecture, specific provisions on personal information protection and specific provisions related to critical information infrastructure.

Cybersecurity Lawis the first specialized comprehensive law to address cyber security concerns at the national level, offers regulations to abide by in cyber activities, creates a better and harmonious cyber environment and guards the citizens’ privacy and security.