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IHarbour Lectures(4): Innovation and Rule of Law: the Wings of Modern China

日期: 2019-05-09 点击:

On the morning of May 7th, Zhou Fang, associate professor at the School of Law, gave an academic report titled “the Innovation and Rule of Law: the Wings of Modern China”.

The report focused on the innovation and protection of traditional knowledge. She first used the discovery of artemisinin as a case and introduced traditional culture as a resource pool of modern innovation. Then she introduced the connotations and characteristics of traditional knowledge, and pointed out the importance of the rule of law to the protection of traditional culture. She described the existing traditional knowledge protection model, including intellectual property legal protection, intangible cultural heritage protection, database protection and contract protection. She introduced the advantages and disadvantages of each model. In the end, she summarized the contents of the report and suggested that the special protection mechanism of traditional knowledge should be established based on the characteristics of traditional knowledge.

Professor Zhou pointed out that scientific development requires innovation.. Practice has proven that traditional knowledge is an important source of modern innovation. Simultaneously, such innovative activities need to be regulated and guided in the form of the rule of law to ensure fairness, justice and sustainable development.