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Speaker Bio

Dr. Zheng Jiali is an Associate Professor and Ph.D. supervisor at the School of Management, Xi’an Jiaotong University. She received her doctorate from the Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Her research interests include sustainability, energy-environment management, climate change economics, macroeconomics and policy, and so on. The Royal Society awarded her the Newton International Fellowship. She visited the Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction (BSSC), University College London (UCL), and was designated honorary research assistant of BSSC at UCL. She won several important international awards and honors, including the Dan David Prize Scholarship for Young Researchers. She serves as the associate editor of international journals such as Structural Change and Economic Dynamics (SSCI, JIF-Q1). She has published papers in Nature research journal, Cell research journals, etc., with two papers ranked as Highly Cited Papers by ESI. She has presided over or participated in a number of national and provincial-level projects. She has co-authored 7 books and 2 policy research reports.

郑嘉俐,现任西安交通大学管理学院副教授,博士生导师,英国皇家学会授予Newton International Fellowships,中国科学院数学与系统科学研究院管理科学与工程专业博士。研究方向包括可持续管理、能源-环境管理、气候变化经济学及宏观政策等。曾访问伦敦大学学院(UCL)巴特莱特学院(The Bartlett)获Honorary Research Assistant,及The Dan David Prize Scholarship For Young Researchers等国际奖项。担任1SSCI期刊Structural Change and Economic Dynamics等国际期刊副主编。已发表论文期刊包括Nature子刊、Cell子刊等,两篇获ESI高被引;主持并参与多项国家级省级项目;作为共同作者合著 7 本专著,作为主要作者之一撰写 2 份重要研究报告。