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Asoke Kumar Nandi

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Speaker Bio

Professor Nandi is the Head of Electronic and Computer Engineering of Brunel University London. He received his PhD from the University of Cambridge. Subsequently, he held positions in Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, CERN, Queen Mary University of London, the University of Oxford, Imperial College London, University of Strathclyde, and the University of Liverpool. Professor Nandi has published over 250 papers in refereed international journals (total: 600 technical papers) with an h-index of 80 (all citation figures are from Google Scholar) and the ERDOS number of 2. He co-discovered the three particles known as W+, W-, and Z0 - three of the four quanta of the electroweak force. This discovery verified the unification of the electromagnetic force and the nuclear weak force. In its recognition the 1984 Nobel Prize for Physics was awarded to his two leaders for their decisive role in this project. He has made pioneering theoretical and applied contributions to statistical signal processing, wireless communications, machine learning, and biomedical signal processing, image processing, genomic signal processing, brain signal processing, and Big Data. Professor Nandi is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering as well as seven other institutions. He was an IEEE Distinguished Lecturer (EMBS, 2018-2019)

Nandi教授是伦敦布鲁内尔大学电子与计算机工程系主任, 在剑桥大学获得博士学位。随后,他曾在卢瑟福阿普尔顿实验室、欧洲核子研究中心、伦敦玛丽女王大学、牛津大学、伦敦帝国理工学院、斯特拉斯克莱德大学和利物浦大学任职。Nandi教授在国际期刊上发表论文250余篇(共600篇技术论文),h指数为80(引文均来自谷歌Scholar), ERDOS数为2。他与人共同发现了三个粒子,即电弱力的四个量子中的三个,即W+、W-和Z0。这一发现证实了电磁力和核弱力的统一。1984年诺贝尔物理学奖授予了他的两位领导,表彰他们在这个项目中发挥的决定性作用。在统计信号处理、无线通信、机器学习、生物医学信号处理、图像处理、基因组信号处理、脑信号处理、大数据等方面做出了开创性的理论和应用贡献。Nandi教授是英国皇家工程院以及其他七家机构的院士,是IEEE杰出讲师(EMBS, 2018-2019)。